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Below is a list of persons who have submitted their personal stories. In order to view the text, just click on each person's name. If you wish to submit your own story, please e-mail me so that I can give you instructions on how to format your story. I would also be happy to add your favorite music to your story to further personalize the page and enhance the reading pleasure for any visitors. I want to share my gratitude for all the folks that have shared a deeply personal part of themselves so that others may live. Thanks to each and every one!!



Sheila G. (D.O.S. 5-23-92)

Friar T. (D.O.S. 5-18-91)

Grace C. (D.O.S. 6-21-86)

Marti W. (D.O.S. 1-4-93)

Dennis O. (D.O.S. 3-25-93)

Wendy W. (D.O.S. 12-26-96)

Gordon F. (D.O.S. 10-22-94)

Jim L. a.k.a "The Nugget" (D.O.S. 5-1-88)

Lou B. (D.O.S. 5-1-86)

If you would like to see your story posted here, or simply would like to share your experience strength, and hopes, please click on the icon above. I would love to hear from you.

My ICQ number is 1065581

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