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This is a list of sites that feature online e-mail groups and chatrooms for "real time" sharing with fellow AAer's. I hope that one of these links leads you to a "home group." If you know of a group that would like a link from this page, please e-mail me so that I may post it.


New Beginnings Groups of Alcoholics Anonymous

This is a site that offers solutions. New Beginnings has e-mail groups of up to 40 persons each. The membership of these groups continues to grow and grow. Personally, I'm kind of partial to this group of folks. (Wink)

Online Meetings

This site has a schedule that lists the meeting times for various online groups and other information. Now you can get to a meeting anytime!! Thanks to Buddy T. for providing this wonderful service!

AA Forum Group

This group uses a "Guestbook" type forum for sharing. There is an extensive meeting list here which includes Big Book and Tradition studies, and general sharing.

This site has lots of links and information on online meetings. A worthwhile place to visit indeed.

With almost 700 members, this online group has a weekly topic and PLENTY of experience, strength, and hope to share with those that are seeking a new way of life.

Sobriety in Louisiana

An online e-mail group whose name reflects a geographic reference because the founding members wished to exchange information about recovery in Louisiana and to meet each other face to face at functions in this geographic area. This however does not require that you reside in Louisiana or to participate at functions in this geographic area. Members are welcome from anywhere in the world provided that the 3rd tradition applies. This group also has an ICQ member list available for real-time sharing online.

WOW!!! This site is fabulous!! On this site are listings of hundreds of face to face AA meetings, phone numbers for Central Offices, contacts, and even international listings! Very nice for those of us that travel the U.S. I didn't take time to count, but I think all 50 states are listed...what a wonderful service to the fellowship.

This is a site of a group in Denmark. Since many Danes also speak English, they welcome anyone as per the 3rd Tradition. If you are looking to expand your horizons, this is a good way to start! The main page of this site is in Danish, but there is a link to an English information page.

These pages have a chatroom, an ICQ chatroom, and lots of links to personal stories, AA related web sites, AA literature, and other interesting AA stuff. A very nice site to visit and even take in an AA meeting. I love sites like this one! Wonderful!

Please feel free to send me e-mail.

I have made a commitment to be of service to all who reach out.

My ICQ number is 1065581.


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