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Below are some links to people who have put a great amount of unselfish effort into carrying the message to the still suffering alcoholic. Each of them represents, at least for me, what it is like to be of service to our fellows. The links below are personal home pages that have links to various AA services, groups, and literature. Thanks to each and every one of you!


Marti's World!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Marti!  Marti's site is currently in the process of construction, but she is hard at work!  Her site currently contains personal information, her personal story, and much more.  I know that you will enjoy watching her homepage evolve as much as I will.  Thanks Marti!!!

It's A Beautiful Day!

Welcome to Jill's 12 Step Recovery site! I am proud to know Jill, and her efforts to "be of service" continue to grace my life and the lives of others. Jill's page has humor, poetry, and links to more friends of Bill W. as well as a link to AAWOL chatroom. Thanks for sharing your time and talents with all of us Jill!


Jim's site is full of wonderful links of recovery related material. The hard work to create his page really shows. Just goes to show you what dedication to a common cause can accomplish. A truer friend does not exist on God's green Earth...thanks a million Jim!

Frannie's HomePage

This is the website of a true angel of mercy. Frannie has links to lots of great sites and you may even spot me lurking in the picture section. <VBG> Frannie is a great inspiration to me. Love ya' lots Frannie!!

Dog's AA and Recovery Page

This is a great site to visit for awhile. Rick has a chatroom where it's possible to meet some new friends and talk recovery with those that still suffer. Keep up the great work Rick and thanks for the wonderful service.

Nancy's Addiction Help Page

A newfound friend of mine. I hope that you enjoy a visit with her. Her page is new and is in a process of growth (hmmmm.....where have I heard THAT before??). Honest to Goodness!!

Mainehawk's Haven

A small, but nice, recovery related site that is in a state of development. I love to watch this kind of site evolve and develop. This is the site of a newly found friend and I hope that his pages help many, many folks on the "road of happy destiny."

Zante's Web Fun Page

Alcoholism and AA

Who said we were a glum lot!! I beg to differ!! Rachelle's site is innovative, fun, and very well done. There you will find some AA links, her personal story, and a buncha fun. I find a visit there very uplifting.. Thanks Rachelle!!!!

DimWit's Daily Dose

This is a wonderfully innovative and cleverly conceived web site. There is several mailing lists here that will e-mail AA literature to you each day as well as a large volume of AA related links. If you enjoy humor in sobriety, this is an excellent site to explore. Thanks for sharing your talents and humor with us!

Gordon's Web Page

Gordon is truly one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. He keeps me laughing even when I feel like weeping.. His site is in a process of growth, but it looks promising indeed. Stop by and share in his humor and his little corner of the web. Thanks Gordon, my life has been enriched just for knowing you.

A Design for Living

This is the homepage of Clint L. He has a wonderful assortment of links, personal information, and literature available here. I love this sort of web site because it shows the powerful way in which the Internet can be used to carry the message. Thanks for sharing your experience, strength, and hope with us Clint!

Raven's Chico, California Pages

DrkRaven's TC Homepage

Raven's sites are very well done and there are lots of excellent graphics. There are more links than you can shake a stick at, links to chatrooms, and lots of Friends of Bill W. This is an excellent AA resource and I applaud the valiant effort put forth to carry the message. Bravo Raven and thanks for sharing your talents and time with us!

Welcome to Hipdawg's Homepage

Hipdawg has a nice assortment of links to AA related sites, other Friends of Bill W., and a chatroom with two daily meetings. A very nice place to spend an hour or two!

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I have made a commitment to be of service to all who reach out.

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