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Here are some sites that every AA online probably visits from time to time. Meditations, the Big Book«, and sites that explore the roots of AA. I hope to add many more links to this page. If you discover a site you think should be posted here, please e-mail me with the URL. I'll be glad to add a link.


The Big Book« of AA

This link takes you straight to a site that features a copy of the Big Book. If you're not sure you're an alcoholic, or have questions about AA, then this is the best place to start.

Daily Reflections

What AA'er doesn't start his/her day with a reading from this little book, eh? Now you can get it online everyday!!

AA Grapevine

"Our meeting in print." I'm excited about this new website.

Wanted!! Stories for the AA Grapevine

Now you can find out what the Grapevine publishers need for the next issues!! This site has information on how and where to submit articles as well as the length requirements and other information needed for submittal.

AA Speaker Tapes

You may have to download some software to listen to these, but I think it's worth the time. There's even one of Bill W. giving a speech in 1951. I DARE you to tell your sponsor you had a chance to listen to Bill W. and didn't take the time!!

Dr. Bob's Home

A place to explore the roots of AA history. Awe-inspiring! I get goose bumps every time I visit this site.

Cybriety Chips

Get your very own sobriety anniversary chip to post on your own website or e-mail to your friends, sponsees, or sponsor on their anniversary. Nice gift to share with someone online.

Back to Basics

A website for learning more about the miraculous history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A-D Designs Recovery Links Page

This site is still under construction at the moment, but it holds some promise...

Alcoholics Anonymous: A Photographic Journey Through Its History

This site is truly a "must see" for all of the fellowship!! Impressive and a wonderful compilation of photographs are shared with us here. You'll want to come back to this site again and again!

Mitchell K's Favorite Alcoholics Anonymous History Links and Other A.A. Resources

Thanks for sharing this site with us Mitchell! The legwork was certainly done on this wonderful site. Lots of our fellowship's early history and a host of other memorabilia and links to other history sites for AA. Bravo Mitchell!!!

The Road of Happy Destiny

This site was rather hard to classify, but it has an abundance of our literature for your reading enjoyment, plus a few extras. Thanks to Thom G. for creating this great web site.

Heard @ a Meeting

Here is an interesting site that features quotes submitted by AA members. You'll find quotes that will make you laugh, and quotes that will make you cry. This is a very nice concept and a site you'll want to visit often. Thanks for sharing!

AA History and Trivia

Sobriety Anniversaries

Welcome! We Are Not a Glum Lot

Doug and Charles have put together a wonderful site here!! There is a great big list of AA birthdays and e-mail addresses so that AAer's can visit each day and send congratulations to anniversary celebrants. What a fantastic idea! The site also has some AA history, humor, sobriety calculator, and trivia. What a beautiful example of service work! Thanks Doug and Charles for sharing your time and talents with us!

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